Restoring Our Communities (ROC Wisconsin) – Beyond 11×15

Excessive Revocations in Wisconsin:  The Health Impacts of Locking People Up Without a New Conviction is a project of the ROC Wisconsin campaign.

The four principle aims of ROC Wisconsin are:

  • For Wisconsin to invest in the programs and strategies that will end the racial and economic disparities that fuel mass incarceration.

We recognize that the criminal justice system is connected to our educational, housing, health care, transportation and economic systems.  The criminal justice system is both a result and a contributor to the systemic racism and economic inequities that attacked most convicted people long before their first arrest.  Reform of the criminal justice system is an important part of the broader goal of ending systemic injustice in our state and nation.

  • For Wisconsin to reduce it prison population to 11,000, and to reduce the number of people on extended supervision.

We have challenged Wisconsin to reduce its prison population by half, to 11,000.  That goal is achievable, it is in line with the best practices of other states, and it can be accomplished if the people of our state demand that our leaders be smart on crime and strong on justice.  At the same time, the number of people on extended supervision must be reduced to reasonable levels.

  • For Wisconsinites to view people who have been convicted of a crime as human beings, members of families, and assets to the community.

Those convicted of a crime are people – not statistics.  Every human being is capable of growth and change.  Even as we debate the most appropriate way to keep our communities safe and to rehabilitate those who have committed crimes, the ROC Wisconsin campaign is dedicated to lifting up the irrevocable humanity of every person in our state, with no exceptions.

  • For formerly-incarcerated people to be restored to full participation in our communities, our economy and our civic life.

ROC Wisconsin seeks policies and laws that provide those who have spent time in jail or prison opportunities to work, to continue their education, to live in decent housing, to regain their full citizenship, and to be free of fear of being sent back to prison if they do not commit a new crime.



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